Skytree Shuttle®

Ueno・Asakusa Line


Time required


Specific day (3 / 21-3 / 31, 8 / 11-8 / 16), will be operating at the time of Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.
●・・・Ends at Ueno Station / Ueno Park


Adult Child
Cash 220 yen 110 yen
IC 220 yen 110 yen
To use Tobu bus, One Day Pass (Paper · IC card) are reasonable.

Example: to take buses between TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN® - Asakusa station

The tickets are made of paper. (※ Valid only on the day of purchase / Nonrefundable) ※ These are not sold on the bus.
○ Where to purchase: Tobu Top Tours Asakusa Station branch, Information Counter for Skytree Shuttles®, Asakusa View Hotel
○ How to use: Please show the side with the date of your pass to the bus driver when getting on the bus.
■ IC cards (※ Valid only on the day of purchase / Nonrefundable)
○ IC cards which can be used: PASMO or Suica
○ Where to purchase: In Skytree Shuttles®, Ueno / Asakusa line ※ You cannot purchase it at ticket counters.
○ How to purchase/use: Please tell the bus driver that you want to buy one. He will record the information of “1 Day Pass” on your Pasmo / Suica card, then deduct the amount of the pass from the balance. From the second bus ride, please touch the IC card reader with your card when getting on the bus.
※ With an adult IC card, the pass will be for an adult. With a child IC card, the pass will be for a child.
※ You can charge your card even on the bus, when you do not have enough balance on your card (only 1,000 yen bills are accepted).
※ Only the same kind of IC 1 Day Passes can be purchased per IC card. Different kinds of IC 1 Day Passes (whether our company’s or any other company’s) on the same day cannot be purchased with the same IC card.

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