Nikko Area

Nikko・Chuzenji・Okunikko Area 【Kōtoku Yumoto】

Service Route

■To see timetables for each direction, please select the name of the bus stop.

Nikko Bus Route Map
  • Kirifurikogen (Highland) line and Ozasa Bokujo (Ranch) line operate from April 1 to November 23 every year.
    ※Free Passes for these lines are not sold in winter, as these lines are not in operation.
  • Kirifuri-no-taki (Falls) line operates from November 24 to March31 every year.
    ※Free Passes for this line are not sold in summer, as this line is not in operation.
  • Please check the bus stop No. specified on the route map on the left and the No. shown on the monitor in the bus.
  • Required time may vary widely depending on the cherry blossom season, red leaf season, etc. due to crowded conditions. Thank you for your understanding in advance.
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How to use

Please check the information on how to use such as Cash / IC Card / Free Pass.


From Tobu Nikko Station Nishi Sandō Chuzenji Onsen Ryūzu Falls Kōtoku Entrance Kōtoku Onsen Yumoto Onsen
Cash / IC card 310 yen 1,150 yen 1,400 yen 1,550 yen 1,650 yen 1,700 yen
From Tobu Nikko Station Cash / IC card
Nishi Sandō 310 yen
Chuzenji Onsen 1,150 yen
Ryūzu Falls 1,400 yen
Kōtoku Entrance 1,550 yen
Kōtoku Onsen 1,650 yen
Yumoto Onsen 1,700 yen
To use Tobu bus, free passes are reasonable.

You can fully enjoy Nikko with Tobu bus! A set ticket combined with trains is also available.

Examples Day 1: Tobu Nikko station – Chuzenji Onsen
Day 2: Tobu Nikko station – Akechidaira
  • Yumoto Onsen Free Pass
    • Adult 3,000 yen
      Child 1,500 yen
    • (valid for 2 days)
  • Chuzenji Onsen Free Pass
    • Adult 2,000 yen
      Child 1,000 yen
    • (valid for 2 days)
  • Senjogahara Free Pass
    • Adult 2,650 yen
      Child 1,330 yen
    • (valid for 2 days)
  • Kirifuri Kogen Free Pass
    • Adult 1,200 yen
      Child 600 yen
    • (valid for 2 days)
  • Ozasa Bokujo Free Pass
    • Adult 1,800 yen
      Child 900 yen
    • (valid for 2 days)
  • Kirifuri falls Free Pass
    • Adult 600 yen
      Child 300 yen
    • (valid for 1 days)
  • World Heritage Tour Ticket
    • Adult 500 yen
      Child 250 yen
    • (valid for 1 days)
A set ticket combined with trains is also available.

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