Kawagoe Area

Koedo / Kawagoe Areas

Courses in operation

■ To see timetables for each direction, please select the name of the bus stop.

  • Oneday Pass is reasonable for sightseeing the Koedo/Kawagoe areas!
  • KOEDO KAWAGOE LOOP BUS can be used for Tobu general route buses also.
    • ※ Various events are held in Kawagoe city throughout the year, and therefore we may have to detour depending on the day. Thank you for your understanding in advance.

Oneday Pass can be used for the above routes.

How to use “Tobu Koedo Loop Bus” and “Tobu Bus”

How to use

Information on How to use (cash, IC card, Oneday Pass, etc.)

Prices and Purchasing

Kuranomachi Area To Nakacho,Ichibangai,Fudanotsuji
From Kawagoe Station Cash 190 yen / IC189 yen
(Child 100 yen / IC95 yen )
From Hon-Kawagoe Station Cash 180 yen / IC178 yen
(Child 90 yen / IC89 yen )
  • ※Please pay the fare when you get off the bus.
To take a walk in Koedo, Oneday Pass is reasonable.
For example: ride between Kawagoe Station East exit ~ Ichibangai (Return)
Purchase location of the Oneday Pass
■ Paper ticket can be purchased here.
  • Kawagoe Station Tourist Information Office
  • Tobu Kawagoe Station Regular Ticket Counter
  • Kawagoe Tobu Hotel
  • Inside of KOEDO Kawagoe Loop Bus
■ Mobile ticket can be purchased by your mobile phone. Use the site “the Jordan Corporation Norikae Annai App”.

Bus stop information